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Trampoline Assembly Service

A professional installer will assemble your new trampoline in the location of your choice. The installation will be completed as per the manufacturers instructions. Any additional accessories may result in an additional charge. The installer will inspect the trampoline after installation prior to customer use. 

Starts from $149

Trampoline Relocation Service

A professional installer will completely disassemble your trampoline. The trampoline will be loaded in the installers vehicle and transported to the location specified by the customer. Then your trampoline will be reassembled at the new location. The installer will inspect the entire trampoline for any signs of wear and make sure the trampoline is safe for use.

Starts from $175

Trampoline Maintenance

A professional installer will work with you to order and replace parts on your trampoline that may be broken or worn out. Parts orders are subject to availability by the manufacturer.

Price Varies

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Trampoline Services

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